The rules are passed by the Student Government Group and Association Counseling Commission on Spring Semester, March 30, 2011.

1. The rules are designed for satisfying some special needs of the Student Associations.

2. The Rehearsal Room is open for application one every semester (around January and May every year) to those formal association activates only. Any site of reservation is canceled before the semester starts will be open for other Associations to reserve online. Other Associations without special needs should apply online according to regular site reservations procedures.

3. An Association can apply for 4 hours each time of period every week.

4. If a reserved site is not being used for three times in a semester, the user’s right to apply for next semester will be withdrew. If a reserved site is needed to be canceled, the user has to report to the Center 3 days before the reserving date, unless there’s a special excuse.

5. Rehearsal time for each Association does not include winter and summer vacations. The Association can use an approved reserved site every week, however, if the Center is closed due to holidays or other major campus events, the site could be temporarily prohibited to be used.

6. The policy will be effective on the date of being issued after it’s passed by Student Counseling Commission.