Pilot policy is passed by the Student Government Group and Association Counseling Commission on Spring Semester, May 15, 2009.

  1. The policy is established for proper management and usage of Student Association Office (SAO) in order to cultivate students’ autonomous ability.
  2. Student Associations approved by the University (except for Department Association) can apply for an office.
  3. A Student Association can apply for an office to use, including the equipment and facilities inside the office for one year.
  4. The Student Activity Center’s Management Commission is consisted of 2 representatives from Student Activity Center’s Management Section, one teacher from Association, 4 students from Student Association Representative, responsible for deliberating management and usage related affairs. The representatives of Student Association are elected through Student Association Leadership Workshops.
  5. An Association can apply for an office during the two weeks following the final exam in the Spring Semester every school year. A new Association can apply within two weeks after establishment is public announced.
  6. Old Associations can complete the offices allocation process during the two weeks before the Fall Semester starts. New Associations can complete the offices allocation process within the two weeks after applying.
  7. SAO includes regular offices, and offices of crafts and arts.
  8. ) Regular SAO: An office is used by multiple Associations.
  9. ) Crafts and Arts SAO (storage for music instruments, food and beverages, crafts and arts operation room, chess and card game room, darkroom): An office is used by multiple Associations with similar types.
  10. Old Associations that properly and lawfully used the office will be allocated to the same office while applying for renewal. New Associations that apply for offices will be allocated to those available.
  11. After the offices are allocated, the Associations should complete the move-in procedures with the Student Activity Center Management Section. The office cannot be transferred or exchanged after being allocated.
  12. The Association shall move out of the office within two weeks after it receives the notice of cancelling or renewal application not being approved, as well as return the key and every item belonged to the office. The University is not responsible for other items not belonged to the school left at the office. The University has the rights to clean away the items not belonged to the school after the Association moves out. If the Association has to extend the move-out date, it can apply for approval with explanation from the Student Activity Center Management Section.
  13. The office can only be used for the Student Association’s affairs, members meetings, storage of Association files and information and other related properties.
  14. SAO should be kept clean. Do not damage the equipment and facilities inside the office. Do not block the glass windows, unless other special circumstances needed.
  15. The University’s policy applies to all SAO users who cannot endanger the public safety and violate the rules.
  16. The Association is responsible for the equipment and facilities provided inside the office. While the Associations are conducting the office transition, they also have to deal with the transitions of properties. Any broken equipment or facility should be reported to the Management Section and the users might be responsible for compensation if the property is damaged or lost due to man-made.
  17. The Associations that have no office can have the priority to reserve or renewal the storage rooms and lockers for one year after completing the application procedures.
  18. The policy will be effective on the date of being issued after it’s passed by Student Counseling Commission.