Passed in the 2073th administrative meeting, Sept. 22, 1998

Amended in the 2103th administrative meeting, May 11, 1999

Amended in the 2178th administrative meeting, Jan. 2, 2001

Amended in the 2190th administrative meeting, Apr. 10, 2001

Amended in the 2293th administrative meeting, May 20, 2003

Amended in the 2379th administrative meeting, Mar. 15, 2005

    Article 1: These regulations are established to properly manage and fully utilize the spaces that belong to the Student            Activity Center (or “the Center” hereafter) of the University.

    Article 2: The spaces that belong to the Center include the Assembly Hall, Exhibition Room, Reading Room, Practice            Room, Storage Room, Dance Rehearsing Room, Drama Rehearsing Room, Music Rehearsing Room, Work Room,                Rehearsing Room and the Club Offices. The Center will charge for the use of the Assembly Hall. The fees are listed on          the attached table.

    Article 3: Basically, these spaces are meant for academic use, arts, celebrations, assembling or student clubs. Other              purposes and usages than the mentioned shall require permission.

    Article 4: These spaces, in principle, are intended for the use of student clubs, administration units and teaching units.            Users from outside of the school may obtain approval if not in conflict with the use of the former.

    Article 5: Provided that the administration units have special official needs and have already been given priority through          proper procedures to the use of the space, the preceding applicant of the space shall be refunded interest-free or                  postpone the use of the space.

    Article 6: Upon the borrowing time, the user may not require postponement or a refund once the application has been            approved except for force majeure or other major causes.

    Article 7: Vehicles that need to enter the campus, regardless of internal or external applicants, shall obtain entry                      permission in advance and park according to the instructions.

    Article 8: Internal applicants from the faculty or student clubs shall describe the function and content of the activities in the      written application; external applicants shall submit an official letter from their offices. All applications shall be submitted to      the Management staff of the Center by the stipulated deadline, and complete the borrowing procedures and clear the              charge within 7 days after the approval. Special conditions under authorization are not subject to the above limits.

    Article 9 The open hours for the spaces:

        1. General Period:
          8 am – 10 pm, Monday – Friday
          8 am – 5 pm, Saturday & Sunday
        2. Summer and Winter Vacations:
          8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday
          Closed on Saturday & Sunday
        3. Public Holidays: Closed.
        4. New Year, Chinese New Year and Spring Break: closed according to the school calendar.

        For the closed time above, any need to use the spaces shall acquire approval, plus a 20% additional charge.

    Article 10: In addition to the rules already posted in each space, the borrower shall abide by the following regulations:

        1. government laws and the NTU school regulations;
        2. the fact of the usage shall be in compliance of the application content;
        3. no damage to the devices of the space;
        4. no posters, no slogans and no polling booths set up without permission;
        5. no smoking in all spaces;
        6. no suspended devices, no dragging of props and no pounding on the stage;
        7. firecrackers, candles, combustibles, explosives or any other dangerous items are forbidden in the spaces;
        8. decorations by the borrower shall be removed and the space shall be restored after the use;
        9. the user’s own equipments shall be removed after the use; the Center shall not be responsible for safekeeping;
        10. once the space is authorized to the applicant, the applicant shall not transfer the right of use to other non-                          applicants;
        11. if the club office is not being used properly, the management staff shall resume the office and allocate it to other                clubs

        The above regulations are established by the management staff and shall be effective upon the authorization of the                Director of the Student Affairs Office.

    Article 11: The applicant shall not be able to apply for the spaces in the same school year if the applicant has renounced        the right to use (having been approved) more than twice without sound cause. The Center may stop lending the space          anytime if the user violates the regulations. The user may not apply for any of the spaces within the same year. Severe          violators and/or law-breakers shall be punished in accordance with the law.

    Article 12: The user shall treat the equipments or devices of the Center properly. Any damage caused by improper usage      shall be compensated by the user. If any flaws or damages are found before use, the user shall notify the Management          staff for repairs. The user shall be responsible for the reparation for the extended damage due to negligence of                      notificationand continuation of use.

    Article 13: These regulations, having been passed in the administrative meeting, and shall be effective upon                            promulgation,so shall be the amendments hereof.