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First Student Activity Center


Located at the end of Coconuts Avenue by the Chen-Hsing Lawn, the Student Activity Center (SAC) is adjacent to the Main Library and General Purpose Building. With the total area of nearly 6000 square meters and designed by the architect, Wang Da Hong in 1961, the heavily used Center has the auditorium, exhibition rooms, meeting rooms, literature and arts exhibition rooms, piano rooms, arts rooms, dancing rooms, darkroom for photographic clubs, student association offices (currently with about 80 associations), student communion rooms, cafeteria, convenient stores. Wang originally designed three activity centers on the current sites of First Student Activity Center and Health Center to be Student Center, Faculty and Staff Center, and General Theatre, respectively. The three buildings then can encircle the Coconuts Avenue. However, due to the budget and the University's policy, the plan was revoked.

The two-store building in the shape of rectangular with three rows of seven compartments was finished construction more than 40 years ago. The building has “elevated platform, towering porticos, super-scale of red gates, and continuously folding roofs,” showing a public scale. The exterior walls are inlaid with a row of windows for good lighting. The internal space is designed with a small central courtyard and a fishpond to help the air convection in balance, creating a quiet atmosphere. The building applied with the traditional colors of black, red and gold, showing a modern style of building blending with traditional style.


Renovation for the First Student Activity Center
(A series of renovation constructions were conducted during 1999)

1. Renaissance Café: Located at the center of the SAC, the Renaissance Café was original an area for students to take a break and read newspapers with some sofa and newspaper racks placed there. However, the reading area was worn down by the years without repair and was moved to the beverage section. The area then was remodeled as Renaissance Café.


2. Basement reconstruction: The basement was originally used as general student association office and a recreational place for table tennis and billiards. However, due to safety concerns, the basement was reconstructed as an arts and literature exhibition room.

3. The Room #107 is a full range of audio-visual room with a complete set of multimedia equipment, including surround sound stereo system, VCR/DVD/CD-ROM player, mixer, microphone amplifiers, LCD/DLP projector, as well as an 80-inch projection screen. The room can be seated with 100 people and is available for student associations to reserve.

4. The walls of the central gallery corridor on the first floor exhibits variety of art works. The walls on the second floor are also rebuilt as the literature and arts gallery.


Renovation for the First Student Activity Center

1. In 2007: The kitchen system of the cafeteria was renovated and now the dining area is clean and environmental friendly without odor. Besides, the cafeteria was rebuilt and designed by the NTU in order to reduce the cost. The central patio, courtyard and the fence outside the kitchen were all removed. The inner court and its patio were reconstructed as the student lounge.

2. In 2008: The renovation project of 1st floor was planned to be constructed in a building preservation and maintaining approach.


Second Student Activity Center


Located at No.85, Roosevelt Road, the Student Activity Center is a 10-story building with two-store of underground. In 2003, the meeting center in the B1 and the cafeterias in the first and second floors were outsourced for management that is assigned to Office of General Affairs Management Section to take charge of the outsourcing business. The Office of General Affairs Management directly manages form the third floor to tenth floor where include rehearsal rooms, practicing rooms, multi-purposes workshops, preparation rooms, dancing rooms, piano rooms, music rooms and offices for student associations (currently there are 126 student associations).


Renovation for the Second Student Activity Center

In response to the needs of students, the offices of student associations from eighth to tenth floors are planned to conduct a renovation construction in summer, 2008.


(by Yu-Sir Lee, May. 19th, 2008)

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